Effective, ongoing issues management strategies and readily available crisis communication procedures are important for the mining, energy, manufacturing, construction, food production, information technology, infrastructure, hospitality and health industries.

Our practitioners are skilled at developing and implementing strategies for clients confronted with major crises or issues of public concern. Our processes combine various public relations techniques to build, maintain and strengthen relationships with media, government, investors, customers, employees and other stakeholders.

Our issues and crisis management services include:

  • Stakeholder risk assessment, analysis and mapping, communication and liaison

  • Relationship building and corporate positioning

  • Preparation of crisis media management procedures and manuals

  • Sophisticated integration of digital / social media into issues and crisis communications programs

  • Coordination and staging of mock crisis scenarios

  • Management of crisis communications

The ability to act quickly and decisively is critical in protecting reputations as is the need for clear and consistent communications. For this reason, Riley Mathewson also offers a 24-hour emergency response system, with around-the-clock access to experienced practitioners.

Sentinel5 provides users with a customised package of communications processes and tools that can be individualised and scaled to prepare for and manage adverse events. Please click here to view our flyer. 

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