A Rose by any other name…….

WARNING! If you spend a good part of your day in the marketing and communications arena, you’re probably best to refocus the brain on the latest and greatest in ‘brand architecture’, ‘content atomisation’, ‘or even ‘freemiums. Or maybe go get another quinoa crush.

Now for those remaining.

The creative nature of the communications industry means that it is almost licensed to seemingly value-add simplicity with data-rich (oops!) verbiage which might otherwise help everyone understand what the hell they are up to. It’s human nature I guess.

Take ‘Infographics’ – which is almost passé now. How could we defile such a trendy term by calling it good graphic design, albeit the current genre which communicates a pile of otherwise complex information such that even your 90-plus granny can pretty much understand?

Then there’s ‘Content Marketing’ – content, of course, being information about something you’re trying to sell. Like a case study and some good infographics all wrapped together in a blog, or a very nicely shot video segment that pops up when you’re googling cooking tips.

But wait, there’s more!

Take ‘Earned’, ‘Owned’ and ‘Paid’ media. Let’s start with good ol’ ‘Earnie’. Did I pay for it? Not really; well sort of if I pay someone to run a publicity campaign – but that doesn’t count here. But do Facebook ‘Likes’ and hits on Instagram for my new hypersonic quinoa atomiser qualify? Sure do.

Then there’s ‘paid’ which is generally what it says; be it on TV, a banner across a news website, or professional blogger….who some truly believe is only writing about the latest hypersonic quinoa atomiser because they just want you to know about it. But then there’s ‘Owned’? Real simple, like your website, this blog, or an email extolling the virtues of your latest atomiser.

Now try ‘Sponsored Content’ and ‘Native Advertising’. For sponsored, think advertorial – you know, you buy the space and park something approximating news about the new quinoa atomiser. Under consumer law it has to have something indicating that it’s been paid for…just like, well ‘Advertorial’.

But what about the ‘natives’? This one gets the imagination running, but it’s actually quite simple: you’re hunting around the internet for that hypersonic quinoa atomiser and up pops the phrase “you might also like…..”. And bingo, there’s a ‘native’ on your screen.

And finally, there’s the dreaded ‘Disruption’. I suppose it had to have an action name, and ‘Change’ just didn’t cut it.

As Bon Jovi sang……” The more things change…”

Des Riley


+61 8 9381 2144


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