Think TV? Sounds like a contradiction in terms particularly when you learn it’s the spokesperson for Australia’s free to air television networks, but then once in a while little gems of discovery turn up in the oddest of places.

Take for instance the group’s recent media release – note it didn’t call it a ‘Press Release’ – focusing on the perceptions and reality regarding social media in Australia.

Briefly, Think TV backed a study by Marketing Academic Karen Nelson-Field of over 1600 advertising people (the ‘Adlanders’) and 1000 ‘normal’ people (whatever ‘normal’ means nowadays).

Among the interesting findings was that the ‘Adlanders’ reckoned every ‘normal’ was reaching out to all of the other ‘normals’ on Facebook. And that almost every ‘normal’ was viewing YouTube every week. And that almost, almost every ‘normal’ was Instagramming their happy snaps to almost, almost every other ‘normal’ on the planet. Those ‘normals’ are a busy bunch!

But not so according to the Professor’s study which as the table below sets out, the ‘normals’ aren’t quite as busy as the ‘Adlanders’ thought. In some instances they are seriously letting down the group-think.

So aside from what seems to be some obvious misperceptions, what are some of the take-outs from this study? Well, maybe digital media isn’t all it’s cracked up to be – remember too the bun fight earlier this year about the click ratings and the destination of ads on all sorts of social (and unsocial) websites.

And secondly, and this is particularly for those thinking they know what’s going on in the lives of ‘normals’ – think again. The trap here is believing that your views, or those of your peers, social acquaintances, business mates, are shared by everybody else. Not sure about this one? OK, go ask Theresa May what she thought about her prospects of winning the general election when she announced that the country was going to the polls last April.

Des Riley


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